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The Humane Way™

Center for Business, Social, and Spiritual Unity

I guide socially and spiritually driven organizations, professionals and emerging leaders to discover their ever-present nature, create unity in themselves and the world, and lead their business in service to humanity.

“I am able to communicate who I am and what I stand for better than ever. I experience being whole in the present moment.”
Luis Hernandez – Co-founder, Lasso Safe. Six-time Figure Skating Champion

“Exponential growth in my life: improved emotional intelligence, healthier relationships, and the best work opportunitiesis to date. Gilad is one of the best teachers I have crossed paths with.”
Jacob Pacheco – Founder, Prone to Ride. Speaker, Consultant, Pro-Surfer

“Gilad guided me back to my true self, inner wisdom, and endless joy for life!”
Nicola Thost – 
Founder, The Path. Olympic Gold Medal Winner Snowboarder

“Like many former pro athletes, I had found myself in a rut. In the nearly 2 years that I have been meeting with Gilad, I have noticed an immense transformation of energy, purpose, and intent in relation to how I show up in both my professional and personal life.”
Mark Holmes – Talent Acquisition,

“If you want someone to support you in expressing your light and inner wisdom you should work with Gilad!”
Sin-Wei Tan – Connecting Culture and Business Opportunities, Tan Consulting

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Top Articles

Business Bodhisattva

A Bodhisattva is someone who dedicates their life to the liberation of others. What’s your Business Bodhisattva way of being?

Leadership is a Spiritual Practice

A leader’s job is more significant than directing the actions of others. It is to be the filter of love for the human environment.

Measure Yourself Against the Present Moment

Think about success as a gentle compass. Whenever you engage in thought, word, or action that is not in service to your highest state of being, the compass goes off balance.