Create the Business You Love In Service to Humanity

Remove internal blocks to your inner wisdom, joy, and freedom with

1:1 guidance.  

Follow your intuition, unlock your core Self, and express yourself freely.

I support you in facilitating your truest expression and removing the internal blocks to your personal freedom. I work one on one with leaders ready to address the most fundamental portion of their experience: yourself. I’ll creatively and intuitively guide you past your roadblocks, past the limitations of your mind, so you clearly and truly know what it means to get out of your own way. If you’re curious about the insightful approach I take, spend some time reading my Philosophy here.

Realizing your True Self and optimizing for service and impact is the path to becoming one of the most influential leaders. It is not based on a formulaic program but on an insightful, honest, and deep look at your way of being.

If you are ready to dissolve the false perception of self, here’s how we can work together:

Overcome Yourself and Create a Business you Love in Service to Humanity

One Year of Deep, Meaningful, and Purposeful Work.

Over 12 months, we’ll partner on the most rewarding journey of your life. We will take a deep introspective look into the most essential aspects of life: Your Self, your mind, and your spiritual connection. Then your Purpose, Leadership, and Business so they are all perfectly aligned with your True Self.

We’ll awaken what fulfills you at the core of your being and create your truest expression in your business, leadership, and state of being.

During these 12 months you have unlimited access to my support. With great courage and intent we will create every single purposeful goal you desire, there are no limitations. You must be ready to become the absolute best version of yourself. You must be fearless. And you must be ready to face all the fears that are holding you back from your truest expression.

2022 is full.
3 spots available for January 2023.
Investment starts at $50K.

Realize Your True Self 

3 Months Spirituality & Non-Duality Focus

Spiritual intensive into the nature of your existence. With honest, kind, and insightful guidance we will unlock your core self, inner wisdom, and unconditional happiness. We’ll uncover the mind’s limitaion on your experience of life and the present moment and facilitate your fullest expression of Self.

I honor the tradition of these teachings and you, my community, by making it more affordable than other areas of my work and offering a sliding scale payment based on annual income*.

Under $75K – $2100
$75K-$125K – $2400
Over $125K – $2900

*we build relationships on trust. Your word is enough and we will not ask for proof of income.

Overcome Yourself in Service to Humanity

6 Month Leadership Focus 

Are you holding yourself back from leadership because of doubt, discomfort, and insecurities? Or maybe you see yourself as a driven leader with a passion to make a big impact while desring a more effortless and joyful experience in yoru leadership? Together, we will remove all the ways you get in your own way, shine a light on your blind spots, and lead you into full expression. I’ll provide you with the platform to step beyond your discomfort, while providing the tools that are necessary for your unique growth and impact. We will help you build deep trust within yourself and your team so nothing and nobody outside of yourself can stop you from being the leader you were meant to be.

$12,500 investment.

Business is a Creative Expression of Love

4 Month Business Focus

Creative, insightful, and empowering collaboration process to help you design, create, and/or grow your new business or the next phase of your current business. I’ll help you turn your creative expression of love into a business you love in service to humanity, so you can spend the rest of your life doing meaningful work that you love. Some of my clients started their fist business and some are 20+ years business owners. It’s not about your business experience but your willingness to shift your perceptive about business and see it as a creative expression of love. This will set the foundation and sprout the seed for your life’s work.

$9000 investment.

Gilad is a spiritual advisor to leaders. He helps nourish your spirit so that you can go and soar in your leadership.” 

Tutti Taygerly
Leadership and Executive Coach, Author of Make Space to Lead

“Before I made the final decision to work with Gilad I faced a self-doubt. But I can tell you that If you want someone to support you in expressing your inner wisdom and light you should talk to Gilad!”

Sin-Wei Tan
Founder, Tan Consulting

In-Person and Virtual Team Guidance

Great teams grow on a few principles: trust, connection, and self awareness. I focus on the human nature of your team to help each member fulfill their potential and purpose in the most natural way for them. I will support your team to:

  • Bulild trust within themselves as leaders and with those they lead
  • Overcome doubt and lead from love, joy, and freedom
  • Create team DNA
  • Build better communication and feedback process 
  • Develop self and team awareness of blind spots that currently get your way
  • Create an environment where everyone can be in the zone

Explore what conscious team building can do to your organizational growth.

Public Speaking

I speak on various topics to support your organization and/or social causes dedicated to serving humnaity.


  • Being ever-present present and recognizing the oneness of our shared nature
  • The end of war, division, and conflict
  • Transition from pro sports to business and leadership as service to humanity
  • Happiness as the ever-present nature of all living being
  • Duality or non-duality? The ultimate answer to reality 
  • Leadership and business environments that transcends positional hierarchy  and based in love, joy, and freedom