Duality is the thought that there is an internal me and an external world.
Duality is the belief that there is something called matter, out of which something called awareness or intelligence appears.

Cicero, a roman philosopher, asked an interesting question, “Why do you insist that the universe is not a conscious intelligence if it gives birth to conscious intelligences?” Ramana Maharshi, a spiritual teacher, responded indirectly centuries later, “Insist you are in bondage and you are in bondage. Insist you are awake, and you are awake.”

Claiming that we are not one, that we are single and separated individuals, races, or countries, is insisting we are in bondage.
Insisting that happiness is something to find, not the ever-present nature of yourself, is insisting you are in bondage.

Duality is a thought, not reality. It is the thought “me” and the belief in that thought. “Me” is nothing but a belief system with a set of practices, it’s not a fundamental truth. “Me” is not different from any social, cultural, or religious belief system.

Religions are belief systems with a spiritual location.
Countries are belief systems with a physical location.
And the “me” is a belief system with a mental location.

Without thoughts and beliefs and the process of ownership of them, there is no such thing as “me.” Without a “me,” there is no other, no inner-outer, and no duality. Thus no limit to happiness and freedom in you and no division and discrimination in the world.


With heart,

Gil·ad (eternal-joy)