Would you want to have millions of dollars in your bank account if you knew it would cause you a great deal of trouble?

Would you like to win a respected trophy that would make you unhappy?

We do not really care about money, social status, trophies, acknowledgment, and other such rewards as much as we think.

Now, I do not suggest that it is a must trade, not at all. But the reason we want them is to fulfill the desire for joy, peace, and freedom underneath it.

Human beings seek joy, peace, and freedom. Or more accurately, the unrealized mind always seeking it, not recognizing that they are ever-present.

And we use money, social status and the like as a means to fulfill our desire for joy, peace, and freedom.

So, if what you ultimately desire is joy, peace, and freedom — can we ask, what is the source of it? 

Same as if you were to be thirsty, you’ll try to find a source of water rather than trying to extract it from a tree; when you are thirsty for joy, peace, and freedom you better find its source than trying to extract it elsewhere.

I doubt that any human being will answer the question, “what is the source of joy, peace, and freedom?” with, “accumulation of money and materials!” 

Yet, this is where most people seek it and how they pursue it. Is it surprising that most human beings do not experience a deep sense of fulfillment from this?

Life is not a journey of accumulation but a journey of growth and expansion

Seeking joy, peace, and freedom in any kind of external measure is like seeking water in the desert; you may stumble upon it by chance but it will never be fulfilled.

Success can only be experienced in the present moment yet most people seek it in the future.

So what’s the source of joy, peace, and freedom? 

person standing on rock raising both hands
Photo by Xan Griffin on Unsplash

Knowing the true nature of yourself. 

Not your physical self so we often use the word spiritual or spirituality.

Joy, peace, and freedom are not something we experience; it is who we are. When we experience the true nature of ourselves we experience joy, peace, and freedom.

When we lose ourselves in the illusory experience of the mind-body identity we experience fear, doubt, and stress. It’s that simple.

So why “spirituality”? Spirituality provides the tools necessary to understand our true nature. 

There are various tools to get that understanding that help dissolve the illusory mind-body identity and help develop the “I am awareness” realization. 

Oftentimes you may see transcendence, self-realization, transformation, awakening, self-inquiry, mindfulness within or around spirituality. These are tools, practices, and methods to bring you the understanding of your true nature and help you align your life accordingly.

You will discover what is necessary and what is helpful in getting to know the true nature of yourself. 

How would you live your life and run your business differently if you realize, “I do not need to seek joy, peace, and freedom anymore.” instead “I AM joy, peace, and freedom!”

What would you do tomorrow morning if you were already fulfilled, wholesome, and free?


With heart,

Gil·ad (eternal-joy)