Truth has no lineage. Only stories about truth have a lineage.

In the beginning, there was nothing. As they say.
A more accurate way to write it would be— there is nothingness; there was no beginning.

​Why so? Present or the universe has never begun. The thing that has “begun” is the false individual’s belief in separation from present and, with it, the false perception of independent existence bound to time and space.

​So, in the “beginning,” there was nothing. Then at some point, someone started to say words about that nothing, and we have never stopped since.

We developed thousands of philosophies, religions, and traditions and have written billions of different words to convey the truth about nothing.

​All philosophies, religions, and spiritual traditions have meaningful and important stories about truth.

They have a long and sacred lineage of masters, prophets, gods, ceremonies, teachers, methodologies, and alike, which has its benefits.

​Yet one thing is often lost within the translation or interpretation of the mind:

Truth has no lineage; only stories about truth.
The present has no past; only stories about the past.

​Truth, present, consciousness, God, Self, Brahmin has no lineage.
If it had a lineage, it must indicate that, at some point, it had begun.

Did truth begin at some point, or did the stories about truth begin?
If truth has begun, what was there before, untruth?

​It’s not a coincidence that all traditions point to the same reality, truth, even though they call it by different names and share different stories.

There is no other truth to point to, only different stories about it.

Stories change– truth doesn’t.
Time passes– present doesn’t.
Time and stories are objects of mind.
Truth and present are the nature of reality.