So many of us try to find stillness.

​We try to relax, disconnect, and unplug just to find stillness.

​But what if stillness isn’t bound to practice instead, a symptom of giving up your power?

​From a place of lack of power, we are disturbed and distracted. We always try to find solutions to ease down the energy.

​In power, there is great stillness, as true power is never distributed or trying to get still. It is whole and expressed in a coherent way.

​Coherence always comes with stillness, and giving away our power creates incoherence.

​From incoherence, we try to find stillness, but it’s more important to connect back to power as lack of power will never bring coherence, and without coherence, there is no stillness.

​Stillness isn’t the lack of action; it can be experienced in a very active activity as much as in deep meditation.

Stillness is experienced when we are fully integrated with power and act in coherence with the power we know we have.

​Any tiny thought, words, decision, and action we engage in that isn’t aligned with who we know ourselves to be creates incoherence and, with it, a desire to find stillness.

​Stillness isn’t in resting or disengaging from activity but being in coherence with your power, we who you know yourself to be.

​Who do you know yourself to be?