Being present isn’t an action— it’s the nature of existence
The effort of arriving to present is failing the arrival

Every effort to arrive results from the thought, “there is a different time than present” and this thought will never find rest as it is fundamentally untrue

So the mind presents an option with no basis in reality and is trying to find this reality through movement toward a possibility that has never existed

There can never be a movement in the direction of present as present isn’t in time, but it’s now as much as there cannot be a movement in the direction of space because space is a location, but it’s here

Every moment is happening within space without any option to get closer or farther and every thought appears in the present, including the thought, “I’m not in the present” or “I’m not here”

You are not something separate that can be in or out of the now, present or not present, existing or not existing

You are existence that is only ever existing as itself