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People often look at these ‘two’ worlds, spiritually and matter, in this way:

Matter is the world that is seen. Spirituality is the world that is unseen.

While it may be a good hint, it is not a complete equation and, well, also determining duality, which there isn’t.

Duality is perception, not reality.

The understanding of reality would be more complete in this way:

Matter is the world that is seen, yet is never experienced.

Spirituality is the world that is unseen, yet is always experienced.

Why so? And why aren’t they two different worlds?

There is no such thing as matter. Matter is not a thing, it’s a process of perception.

Yes, “something” is being seen, and we named it “matter.” The fact that we name something doesn’t determine it is a fact to reality. In fact, naming something – anything – is overlooking reality.

In the same manner, if we look at this bright white circle in the skies during the night and call it God, it doesn’t determine the existence of a God. Nor the existence of a moon, if we call it a moon. It determines the experience of seeing.

What we call the inner-world of “me” is an experience of sensing. What we call the outer-world of “matter” is an experience of seeing, not the experience of matter. Both of which arise from the experience or process of perceiving. The experience of perceiving has no dual, inner-outer, component. Anything and everything appears and disappears within the one experience of perceiving.

No one has ever, or could ever, experience matter. When you look at an object, you don’t see matter, you experience seeing. When you touch it, you do not experience matter, you experience sensing. And so on.

It is never experienced as two internal and external worlds, it is only perceived and named as such! This ‘external’ world of ‘matter’ is seen but never experienced. Matter is a thought, not an experience nor reality. This “unseen” reality only appears as an external world of matter when filtered through the mind and the sense of ‘me.’ Same as when a movie appears on a screen when filtered through a film.

There isn’t an external world made out of matter even though it appears as such through the filter of mind. Yet, even through the filter of the mind there isn’t an external world, we just name it as such.

When we are moving away from the world of thought and getting in touch with our direct experience, all duality dissolves. No internal or external, no me or world, no matter or spirit.

When we let go of naming everything and the mind’s constant commentary on reality, the only thing we ever know is one present experience without any multiple or dual components to it – even though the mind says otherwise!

With heart,

Gil·ad (eternal-joy)