The essence of competition is the expression of love, power, and beauty in its most natural form.

To understand what competition is, we must first understand what competition is not.

​Competition is not screaming at teammates, staff, or another team. It is not diminishing someone’s power so that you can have more.

Competition is never about having but about expressing.

​Only the ego sees competition as means of having and owning more, and by doing so, limiting the essence of competition— expressing love, power, and beauty in its most natural form.

​​Competition for self gain is just a nicer name for self destruction. Gaining is a mechanism of contraction and stagnation.

Love, power, and beauty are mechanisms of expression and expansion. Accumulative growth is not a metric of development but a conditioned way of association with power.

Power has no position
Love has no opposition
Owning beauty will bring no fruition

​Our essential nature only knows one way; competing against is against our nature.

The essence of competition is love, power, and beauty expressed naturally in a way of nurture but never ever against our nature.