Marketing always has an agenda.

​The agenda is usually straightforward – a company wants you or a group of people to take action that they want you to take.

As long as there is an agenda from one who wants another to take action, we enter into somewhat manipulative relationships.

​And as we do, that person or company will now try to devise many creative ways to affect your decisions making process.

Our true nature is unconditionally free– marketing should follow.

​Artists don’t create because they want you to take the action they think you need to take.

They create because they love to create and share their creations– all creations were meant to be shared.

Owning a business is not different than being an artist it’s a creative expression of love.

Creation has no owners. At best, it has a vessel or a channel of delivery. Yet the “me” perception always wants to take ownership of it.

We are the post office and mailman of creation. We were meant to deliver it but never meant to own it.

​Consciousness Evolution!

​I see this title and wording more and more often. It makes sense in the marketing world I mentioned above.

Yet the word combination consciousness evolution can never go together in a true statement.

​It’s excellent marketing, especially for the dualistic mind that seeks progress and fulfillment in time.

But this wording is distant from the truth. Anything distant from truth must have an agenda; therefore, we better avoid it altogether.

Well, you don’t have to, it’s your choice.

Evolution refers to the change in the form and function of living organisms.
Consciousness is the nature of existence.

Consciousness does not change; it has no form and is not an organism. What is consciousness?

Consciousness is What Is– the ever-present formless screen upon which and within which all creations appear.

Including the creation called mind-body most of us refer to as “me” or “I.”

​Consciousness, in religious terms, will be termed God. How weird would it be if we were to put this marketing title in the religious terminology- God Evolution!

What exactly would God evolve to? Nothing, that’s a simple answer. In the same way, consciousness never has or will evolve. It is ever-present; that’s it.

Eternal in the religious term.

​Time is not a process of reality or fabric in the universe. It is a process of mind, a layering of thinking.

Evolution does not happen in objective reality “out there” but “in here” as a process of mind.

If consciousness has no time dimension, how would it evolve?
Or an even more important question, to whom would it evolve?

​Did we ask consciousness if it experiences its own evolution before we determine it evolves? I bet not.

In the same way, we didn’t ask all living organisms if human beings are the most superior and advanced species before we qualified ourselves as such!

​Marketing, consciousness evolution, god, do you see how everything always has an individual or company agenda that determines something about itself and others based only on its own agenda?!

Like any system of our society, businesses must align with our true and unconditional nature.

Anything that isn’t in alignment with our true nature leads to destruction.
It should be the most basic equation we learn in the education system!

​From alignment with the nature of self, marketing is sharing our creation with the same unconditional freedom; no agenda!

Yes, that mind may say, “But who would pay MY bills?!” “But it’s MY creation, why should I share it unconditionally?!” Again bringing its own agenda to the equation.

​And the answer is— you’d pay your bills in the same way you have before, just without using manipulation of someone else’s actions and way less effort on your behalf.

​Put no effort into evolving your consciousness; consciousness isn’t yours and doesn’t evolve into anything.

What about evolving your mind-body? Well, that’s just a natural process of all living organisms that has nothing to do with our efforts, so you can rest all your efforts to evolve and enjoy the fact that freedom and joy are the nature of your being.

​Freedom and joy do not bother themselves with evolving, only the mind that is seeking them.