This false perception of self assumes it has a fixed position with experience so it doesn’t let an experience come and go without attaching meaning to it. Much of the “reality” created by the false sense of self is just commentary on experience that is no longer present or has never been present.

Experiences appear and disappear naturally….

…But they seem to last when we create a relationship with the experience.

When we call something unnecessary or unpleasant, or wrong or negative, and feel we need to push it away from our experience, we often end up developing a very strong bond with whatever we are trying to push away.

What causes the spiral of “negative” thinking is the added commentary and the effort we invest into them. It creates continuation of attachment to a thought that appeared and disappeared within a second. And so we start to lose ourselves in the script about a thought that is no longer there.

Being welcomes all experiences; unconditionally, without judgment, without effort.

We develop an attachment to what we call positive experience, just as much as we develop attachment to what we call negative experience, but we don’t need to develop a positive relationship. Nor do we need to develop negative relationships. You just let them arise and go exactly as they are!

With heart,

Gil·ad (eternal-joy)