On the mind level, it’s recognizing that you are awareness with a being, not the other way around.

On the physical level, it’s doing whatever is necessary to let go of which seems to separate you from that awareness.

On the spiritual level, it’s dissolving any mind-body identity that is other than that awareness

“Full enlightenment” is embodying eternal awareness, without giving itself to the activity of the mind-body. 

Yet, remember…

We are all already enlightened, as we are all already that awareness. Though many have not realized it yet and/or still giving themselves to the activity of the mind. It is more about growing the recognition that you already are, than trying to become.

The Meaning of Being Human
Knowing you are eternal, 
while accepting the death of the physical body
Knowing you are ever present, 
while recognizing the mind’s tendency to be ever changing
Knowing you are infinite and, 
at the same time, localized as a living organism
Knowing you are the Knowing itself– 
knowing anything else as merely momentarily arising proofs of your existence
The way an awake mind perceives the dream state, 
is the way an awakened person perceives the mind itself
When oneself is immersed in the Knowing, the Knowing immerses itself as the one. 
Trust your Knowing and surrender all beliefs to it.
— A poem by me, Gilad Karni 


With heart,

Gil·ad (eternal-joy)