We all have the answers we seek. But, who is seeking?

What is non-duality?

The non-dual understanding helps us answer two essential questions: ‘What is my true nature or True Self?’ and ‘What is the source of joy, peace and freedom?’ Non-duality is not bound in a religion or a spiritual tradition, nor does it suggest avoiding them — if that is in your life. It is the common ground of all religious and spiritual traditions from past to present but shares no specific interest in one or another. It is the simple recognition of unconditional freedom and happiness as the ever-present nature of all living beings.

Human beings constantly (and falsely) seek the experience of oneness (non-dual); that moment where our perceived identity, the false sense of “me,” dissolves and we are completely immersed in the present moment experience, or feel one with everyone and everything. We often call moments like that being in the zone, peak experience, or flow in performance terms. On the spiritual journey, we often seek this experience in some kind of god, enlightenment, and the use of substances — all of these moments are the direct encounter with the source of joy, peace, and freedom which arises out of the ‘no sense of self’ in that moment.


Yet, the mind doesn’t recognize that regardless of any means that seem to help us get “there,” the nondual experience (oneness) is always present. It is the only reality. It is the nature of Self and the world. Seeking is the mechanism of the false sense of self and its dualistic view. It prevents us from recognizing the ever-present non-dual reality, or the oneness of your True Self. Recognizing that your true nature, True Self, is non-daul is itself the source of unconditional joy, peace, and freedom. The True Self is joy, peace, and freedom; joy, peace, and freedom are the True Self. They are not-two (non-dual).


I guide the non-dual understanding in everything I offer. To help you realize your True Self, finding the source of unconditional joy, peace, and freedom while becoming a better leader and business owner. This isn’t a preference or a style, without understanding who you truly are, at the core of your being, the rest would be limited, including your leadership and business, and we are here to dissolve all limitations. I invite you to explore this page to learn more.


How can you activate your own Truths and inner wisdom without the beliefs of others?


Every decision in life is a choice between love and fear. Do you know which one you’re choosing? What does fear unconsciously sound like for you?

  • When I am being fully myself, I am too much for other people.
  • When I am unapologetically me, people often get triggered.
  • When I am speaking my truth, people often think that I am too woo-woo.

When we step into full self-expression, without holding anything back, we often feel uncomfortable and vulnerable; a sense of feeling naked, so we might try to hide behind titles, identities, and fear just to be accepted and fit in. This may be happening to you right now or happened at some point in your past, so the mind developed a strong sense of identification that would “protect” the full expression of your True Self.

The mind creates limits in order to exist.

Many of us face this when embarking on a journey to fulfill our purpose and potential. The mind not only throws all its creative storytelling power to generate doubt, fear, and stress but it also identifies itself with the stories. It claims that these thoughts, fears, and feelings are “me” and “mine.”  It tells you “I’m not good enough” or “who am I to be doing that?” But, who is this ME that wants to possess everything as MINE

It is not your True Self, it is the mind’s false perception of self. The function of this false perception arises because the mind hasn’t yet realized the True Self.

Same as countries build borders around themselves in order to define their existence, the “unrealized” mind and its false perception creates limits in order to exist. The “unrealized” mind thinks it brings itself to existence by seeking, associating, and comparing. Not recognizing it’s only limiting its existence by doing so. 

Same as that countries are only limited to the borders they build around themselves, the self seems to be limited by the limits it creates around itself. With the realization of the True Self the mind’s need to limit its existence dissolves and with it all fears, doubts, and judgments.

How do you find your purpose and fulfill your potential? 

What we call “find,” “follow,” or “fulfill” my purpose is actually a very simple function; your purpose is unconditional joy and freedom because your True Self is unconditional joy and freedom. The simple function of “finding,” “following,” or “fulfilling” it is to go to the place where your joy and freedom know no limitations. Once recognized, optimize and organize your life and business so you can spend the vast majority of your time in that space. Purpose is not something to find, rather it reveals itself in the right moment and environment; where your joy and freedom have no mind limitations placed on them!

Trust your knowing and surrender all beliefs to it

Many of us think we need courage, confidence, and clarity in order to act. But underneath them, the only thing we deeply look for is trust. Trust is the only real measure between you and that very next step in expressing yourself, your leadership, or creating the business you love. 

The mind desires to know the future yet lives in uncertainty by the desire to know. The constant doubt generated by the false perception of self is tied to its beliefs, and as we surrender these beliefs by dissolving the false perception, doubt is taken over by immense levels of trust.

This process is going to take choice, commitment, and practice. This is where my approach and guidance helps you realize where you may be creating your own roadblocks and where there is an opportunity for expansion beyond those beliefs. I cannot execute the work for you, but I guide you to peek behind the curtain and step into your true nature of joy, peace, and freedom.


“I AM joy and happiness!”


When people ask me, “would spirituality help me be a happier person?” I often reply, “no, but it will help you realize that you are happiness, not a person.”

Happiness is the ever-present nature of all living beings. 

“I no longer seek joy and happiness, I AM joy and happiness!” Said to me one of my clients.

When the dualistic perception with its false sense of self or “me” dissolves, the experience of unconditional wholesomeness and happiness arise. 

Most of us spend a lifetime seeking happiness but how would you live differently if you realized, “I AM joy and happiness?” 

What is there to seek if happiness is always present and available? The “unrealized” dualitic mind is always seeking, not realizing that happiness is ever-present. It is seeking accumulation and status as a means to fulfillment and personal freedom or the desire to be wholesome and complete.

We can doubt that any human being will answer the question, “what is the source of joy, peace, and freedom?” with, “accumulation of money and materials!” Success can only be experienced in the present moment so why do we seek it in the future; this is how the dualistic mind, with its false sense of self, is seeking and pursuing success. Is it surprising that most of us never experience a deep sense of fulfillment from this? It is centuries old conditioning and it is our responsibility to dissolve it. 

Joy, peace, and freedom are not something we experience; it is who we are. When you dissolve the veiling of the mind and realize the True Self, you experience joy, peace, and freedom that is not conditioned by anything. But when you lose yourself in the mind’s false perception you experience fear, doubt, and stress and allow them to hold you back.

So, why “spirituality”? Spirituality provides tools and practices to help us understand and illuminate the True Self and dissolve the mind’s limitations on itself. 

In the last decade I immersed myself in a diverse range of spiritual teachings and practices; nondual teachings, mindfulness, meditation, consciousness understanding, transformational coaching, healing practices, self-inquiry,  and more. I incorporate them into my work and prescribe the right tool, to the right client, at the right time.


Leadership is not what you do, it’s who you are.


Overcoming yourself in service to humanity.

Leadership is the dissolution of the fasle sense of self or “me” that gets in your way of taking action and being of service because of its doubts, discomfort, fear, and insecurities. When we dissolve that fasle sense of self with all of its self-imposed limitations, your entire being and energy can now be dedicated to serving and making an impact.

The symptoms of the mind’s false dualistic self are the main reasons many people hold themselves back from leadership or do not currently fulfill their leadership potential and impact.

Holding yourself back from your truest expression is holding yourself back from your leadership power. And what is ‘holding back’ if not the mind’s constant chatter of self doubt and judgment and your identification with it as “me” or “mine”? 

Self-expression, like leadership, is not something we do; it is the natural extension of our being. You cannot do self-expression, but what you might often do is hold yourself back from naturally expressing your True Self and, with that, your leadership.

The mechanism of the mind to hold back and restrict expression is energy-draining and full of effort. When we overcome this mechanism, by realizing the True Self, and stop putting our energy into holding back, leadership and self-expression become effortless. Leaders often apply so much unnecessary effort and drain themselves from energy. But the more you think about yourself the more insecure you become. Do you at times hold yourself back from serving others because of your own discomfort? What would be possible for you if you stop putting so much energy into holding back and instead invest it in service to others and humanity?


Business is a creative expression of Love


Artists spend 12-hours a day creating in the studio, using paint and a paintbrush as their medium to express their love. Similarly, entrepreneurs do one thing better than anyone else, they create services, solutions, and ideas, and they never stop creating.

For purposeful and conscious leaders and business owners, business is a creative expression of love. I help you merge these worlds together in your business; your passsion and purpose for service, your creative expression of love, and your entrepreneurial spirit in full alignment with your True Self.

I’ll guide you to find and creatively express your love in your business and operate from the place that truly brings you joy and freedom. Without hiding and without holding back.

As a high-performer, fomer pro athlete, leader, or business owner the intersection of learning, challenge, and creative expression is ‘being in the zone’ in your business.

In my offerings I guide leaders to create the ongoing experience of success, flow, and being in the zone. However, I am not interested in helping you experience being in the zone from time to time, but for you to create your entire life as an experience of being in the zone. Not as an event that happens from time to time but as a moment-by-moment experience.

“Gilad knows to ask the right questions at the right moment to inspire me to think differently and expand my mindset. He provides me with the platform to step into some things that you’ve been uncomfortable with while providing the tools that are necessary for my own path and growth. He has a very unique way to help you build trust within yourself.”

Jacob Pacheco

Founder, Prone to Ride, Public Speaker, Activist, Pro Adaptive Surfer

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