My intense curiosity is fascinated to discover what is possible and what the world would look like when a person dedicates a lifetime to what they do best and in service to humanity. What do you think is possible if you spend a lifetime like that?

5 years ago, it was a frustrating period for me. I was recovering from another injury bringing my basketball career to an end and was wondering “what’s next?

I had no idea if I would ever be able to experience the same levels of excitement, drive, and fulfillment. During my recovery, while sitting on the couch, this question suddenly popped into my mind “how can I best serve humanity from now on?”

I now say wondering “what’s next?” but during that time it felt much more like worrying!

The worry mixed in with my long-term desire to start a business and, to some degree, the feeling that I will never find myself in the corporate environment — it was time to face what felt like my only solution, to forge my own path that will allow my full expression and engage in deep meaningful work. Maaan, I was scared!

But, oh boy, I was wrong. The excitement, drive, and fulfillment I felt in basketball seem now like a drop in the ocean to what I am experiencing in my work now.

On a regular basis, I’m now guiding clients to ask and answer questions that will open them up to possibilities they could never see before:

  • “What do I do best?”
  • “How can I best serve humanity from now on?”

Again, I want to ask you: What is possible if you spend a lifetime like that?

The application of these answers comes in many creative ways and I’d love to share parts of what some of my clients are doing:

  • Christian, Christoph, and Nicola each write and/or illustrate books about the joy of living and being.
  • Jacob is turning adversity into assets as a speaker and activist for inclusion, adaptability, and empowerment for people with disabilities.
  • Luis brings safety, healing, and vulnerability into the highest-performing sports and the sports economy.
  • Sin-Wei connects cultures and business opportunities by cultivating her leadership talents with her cross-culture background and multilingual knowledge.
  • Jordan is currently working on a regenerative farm and developing a programming platform to elevate human consciousness by cultivating harmony between land, animals, and people.

As I’m writing that, I think to myself “holy moly, how did I get the opportunity to work with such incredible individuals?!”

Gratitude is not a big enough word to describe it. Maybe eternal-joy…? I know each of your reads this so please receive my wholehearted gratitude!

Trust me, I learn as much from them as much as they learn from me. I intentionally build my work and community around the value of leadership that transcends positional power and provides the environment for everyone to grow into their fullest potential.

With that said, I’m excited to offer new ways for you to follow your intuition, unlock your core Self, and express yourself freely — check out the new Work with Me page on my website.

I have created new options to meet you exactly where you most need to focus right now.

I also invite you to explore this new Philosophy page where I outline my approach to the process; if you have questions about it please send them my way.

I would be so very grateful and eternally joyous to guide you into your truest expression of Self, find your own truths and inner wisdom at the core of your being, and grow as a leader in service to humanity while creating and leading your business as a creative expression of love.

I leave you with this question:

What intentional actions have you taken that created a high reward?

With heart,

Gil·ad (eternal-joy)