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Does life require a purpose and a goal?
Answer: No, the mind mistakenly seeks it in order to find fulfillment. Same as it seeks anything.

What is happiness?
Answer: Happiness is What Is.

What is time?
Answer: Time is a mental concept; a form of measurement of the change of physical objects and phenomena. We can never find the existence of time – we determine “time” by looking at physical phenomena and saying, “it changed”

Is mind or matter more real?
Answer: Is water or steam more real?

Where do thoughts come from?
Answer: From the same place they go to, nowhere and no one.

What is beauty?
Answer: Beauty is the experience of no separation between a person and an object like love is the experience of no separation between one person and another. It is the recognition, “we share the same indivisible nature. We are the same being.”

Can spirituality make you a happy person?
Answer: No but it helps you develop the understanding that you are happiness, not a person.

Is there a supreme power?
Answer: No because it would determine a hierarchal order; superior and inferior, which there isn’t. There is just What Is; appearing to itself, as itself, within itself. Anything else is a story.

Is trust more important than love?
Answer: Love without trust is not love, but grasping for the fear of loss.

What is the difference between living and being alive?
Answer: Being alive is a fact, living is a choice.

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Gil·ad (eternal-joy)