Think about success as a gentle compass. Whenever you engage in thought, word, or action that is not in service to your highest state of being, the compass goes off balance. Then, your only job is to balance it again.

If being present is the nature of yourself (and all that exists) why do we measure ourselves against things that aren’t in alignment with our nature?

If being present is the most essential quality to the completion of any task, why do we get lost in thinking about tasks that are not present?

We often measure themselves against a future or past-based “reality” but rarely measure our alignment with the only relaity that has ever existed; the present. High performance, freedom, joy, love, or success can only happen here and now, much like being in the zone. You cannot enter the zone tomorrow, you either in it now or you are not. Same with any experience.

Being is always in the zone because being is always present; being is eternal. Eternal doesn’t mean forever lasting in time nor that it came before of after something. It means no time quality to it; it is simply present; just is.

Use the exercise below to help you come into alignment with what’s here and now, rather than focusing on a thought-created there and later.

Ask yourself these questions 3 times throughout your day. On a scale of 1-9:

  1. Am I fully present and focused right now?
  2. Is my mind in the best state for my task ahead?
  3. Is my body in the best condition and posture?
  4. What is my energy level?

If you find a gap in any of your responses, ask yourself, “what do I need to do to restore my optimal state, right now?”

Then give yourself 3-7 minutes to do so. As a result, your peace, clarity, and joy, will increase exponentially, and your energy will remain much more consistent throughout the day.

With heart,

Gil·ad (eternal-joy)