Think of any time you have cleaned, reorganised, or moved out of your home.

How often have you come across materials that no longer have value to you or a purpose for being there?

Usually, we are afraid to get rid of certain materials that may have meaning or some sort of attachment to our identity or our beliefs.

Or we might acknowledge things as accumulated clutter but we end up continuing to maintain or just carry things from one place to another.

“The need to accumulate is a trait of the unenlightened. For the enlightened, it is all about releasing.”

In a way, this is kind of like our personalities. We tend to hold on to some perception of ourselves that we think identifies our identity. Very often it is just past baggage that we carry and carry and carry.

Why do we spend so much time cleaning, maintaining, or setting aside material possessions? How often do we use this much energy to do the same with our minds?

If we think of our homes the same way we think of our minds, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What is in your home?
  2. How much time/energy do you spend maintaining your home and your possessions?
  3. Do you need everything that you possess?
  4. What can you let go of?
  5. What new potential is possible with what remains?