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In both sports and business, I can divide most people into these two categories: planners and performers. 

Planners use their thinking as the primary tool to help them win. For performers, however, “thinking” is the main reason they lose. 

If you are or were an athlete, you certainly know how many games and competitions athletes and teams lose because their thinking gets in the way. Many of the most outstanding leaders are performers, as the most remarkable leadership moments always happen outside the plan. If you are a performer or a leader, you only have one job – to get out of your thinking!

As an “assignment” for this week, make a list of the most inspiring people you know and add three descriptive words about each of these people. This is the start of your Leadership Manifesto. Share on LinkedIn or email me

Later this month, I’ll share my own list. 

With heart, 

Gil·ad (eternal-joy)