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Do we need human intervention to optimize the “process” of Nature?


The dualistic mind perceives the world in a very mechanical way. In other words, it constructs mechanical processes to place classifications on all things and living beings.

In the business environment, the dualistic mind looks at an organization of human beings and classifies different people or different functions. It directs the action of human beings according to the need to optimize performance and outcomes in a very mechanical way. Much like the assembly of a car, or any other type of production process. It doesn’t recognize that any living organism is already perfectly optimized. Life is optimized to the finest degree without any need for human intervention.

This need for optimization creates a hierarchy of needs and people within its ecosystem. Then, in many cases, we see these positions of power very much abused, causing damage to the organization and the environment’s well-being:

  • Lack of psychological and emotional safety
  • Lack of shared collaboration
  • Effort and exhaustion
  • Stress of demanding expectations
  • Lack of fulfillment
  • Lack of happiness and freedom

All for the sake of optimization. Funny, ha?!

Businesses and organizations today, invest so heavily in Change Management processes, Optimization Strategies for the purpose of driving employee performance which often leads to more effort.

So, who is the leader?

Leadership isn’t an individual directing the action of other individuals.
Leadership is the depth of connection between all living organisms.


Non-duality in the leadership space, invites us to let go of any need to hold power or authority and classify the members as more or less significant, important, or valuable regardless of the role that they play.

What really determines the growth and potential of the human ecosystem, like any natural ecosystem, is the depth of connection between all the components within it.Instead of needing to put someone in a leadership role or naming yourself a leader, why not invest in the natural way living organisms grow and all natural ecosystems thrive?

If leadership is the depth of connection within the environment, what role do you see yourself play?

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With heart,

Gil·ad (eternal-joy)