Who is your enemy?
“Mind is your enemy. No one can harm you more than a mind untrained.”
And who is your friend?
“Mind is your friend. No one can assist you and care for you better than a mind well trained.”
~ Buddha

​An untrained mind is always seeking and busy thinking about experience; therefore never experiencing that which it desires to experience.

​Many find silence awkward, peace boring, and nothingness empty. On a stormy day, we love to watch the storm or chase the floods, but how many of us pursue or remain present to experience the peacefulness after the storm?

​We enjoy stargazing and shooting stars, but perhaps less often, the nothingness of space. The untrained mind is always focused on the activity while also desiring serenity.

​Jesus taught about the peace that surpasses all understanding and Nisargadata Maharj followed by saying, “In silence there is nothing to understand” A trained mind can rest in silence so it can fully experience. An untrained mind is busy thinking about experience.

We need no words to connect to experience as we need no bible to connect to God.

​God is the knowing component in all experience. Knowing cannot be taught but only experienced.

Experience is always present and no words can describe present. Words, at best, can speak prior knowledge about preset, which never requires prior knowledge.

​​Preset is a-priory; words about present will always be of past exploratory.

​We do not ask the tree organism about its past experience rather come to experience its presence. Why do we desire to know the past experience of the mind-body organism rather than experience its presence?

To know a person by words is only to learn what it once was.
To know by silence requires no understanding but intimacy with present, familiarity of being.

​PS. I laugh at the namedropping in this written piece!