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To reach new heights of success, you must surround yourself with people who not only inspire you but challenge you.

This is what I call the movement of “WE, not me.”

The more ME you think, the more struggles you’ll have.

Thinking of the greater good is the best way to move out of struggle.

When I was in the Special Forces, the first eight months had two agendas: To make you quit and to make you selfish.

Throughout the training, the instructors and commanders try to do anything they can to make you quit. All you have to do is say these words “I quit” — that’s all. Say it once, and it’s done. No more going through these extreme physical, mental, and emotional hardships.

Those who are selfish gain some momentum due to their high performance but, interestingly, are excluded by the team later on. No one is willing to tolerate selfish behavior, it is the #1 reason teams fail.

But those who are determined and altruistic make it to the top regardless of their skill level. Therefore, the performance of the team is built upon the understanding that anyone is willing to sacrifice themselves to save the other.

In most businesses, fortunately, no one needs to sacrifice their physical body, and no one needs to save anyone. Yet we often do sacrifice ourselves with stress, compromising our dreams and our authentic self-expression, and our well-being altogether for our careers. We forget that many of us sit at our homes or in an air-conditioned office, so it’s important to put it in perspective and not use these hard terms that are often used in battle because your words create your world!

It takes a small shift in perspective to overcome or eliminate that selfish behavior in the business environment; changing the ME thinking into WE thinking. This small shift in perspective makes a big impact on the application. 

How can we apply this to life and business?

Start by surrounding yourself with people who inspire you and challenge you. Finding inspiring people is one thing, but finding a community that challenges you — with humility and love — is invaluable for your growth. It’s one of the many reasons I do what I do.

“What Do You Do?”

I transform your judgment into unconditional love. Fear is my instrument for your expansion. Conditions help me illuminate your potential. Limitations help me extract your spirit from within. Resistance shows me the path to your enlightenment.


With Heart,

Gil·ad (eternal-joy)