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A few weeks ago, I sat outside at night, staring at the bright full moon.

The mind was curious, so I started to ask questions and inquire with the moon about herself:

​Mind: Moon, why do you appear as you appear? Do you exist ’out there’, or are you a function of my mind?

Moon: Why do you appear as you appear?

Mind: Well, I do not really appear. I just am.

Moon: I also do not appear. I just am.

Mind: Why are you there?

Moon: Why are you there?

Mind: Well, I am here.

Moon: I am also here.

Mind: Here where?

Moon: ‘Here where’ are you?

Mind: Here, Earth, but Earth isn’t located anywhere.

Moon: I’m also in the ’here’ that isn’t located anywhere.

Mind: So what are you?

Moon: I am, in the exact same way that you are.

​I often write about present, oneness, being, etc., which all aim for the same point. Why is there oneness of everyone and everything despite the seemingly different forms? Because at the very nature of all existence, all matter and living organisms, there is a single indivisible reality, one experience— here and now.

​This here-and-now can be called being, consciousnesses, moon, God, a tree, or a person. Anything and anyone exists here and now, and nothing has ever existed outside here and now. It is the single reality of all existence. Yet here isn’t a location, and now isn’t a time. It just is, just AM.

Trusting without knowing
Being without thinking

Loving without reasoning
Living without conditioning

​We will never be able to find something or someone that exists outside here and now. We will never be able to experience a not-present experience. This experiential fact is where the oneness of all existence resides. In the same way that we share the land with all living organisms on Earth, we share the same space with all life and matter, and we share the same experiential nature with all existence— here and now. By referring to oneness, we refer to the nature of everything that was, is, and ever will be— here and now. Being.

If we ask,
When are you? Now will be the only answer.
Where are you? Here will be the only answer.

​Here isn’t a location, now isn’t a time; it is the nature of reality. The nature of all living organisms. Your ever-present nature in which peace surpasses all understanding.

You cannot know who I am until you know who you are.
And you cannot know who you are until you know that there is no you and knowing but only knowing.
You cannot see who I am until you see who you are.
And you cannot see who you are until you see that there is no you and seeing but only seeing.
You cannot hear who I am until you can hear who you are.
And you cannot hear who you are until you hear that there is no you and hearing but only hearing.
You cannot know, but there is
You cannot see, but there is
You cannot hear, but there is
To know yourself, you must dissolve the ‘your’ perception into knowing.
To know me, you must know no you and me.