We spend a lot of time thinking about how to realize our calling, purpose, potential, or whatever name we want to give it. In this process, we spend large amounts of energy in our minds thinking, analyzing, and searching. The mind can be one energy-draining machine when it tries to figure itself out.

It often leads to fearful thoughts of doubt and experiences of contraction. The mind may tell you…

Who are you to serve? Who are you to be doing that? Am I even capable?

The appearance of doubt, insecurity, or fear is not within our control and with them, usually follows an experience of contraction in the body. Upon the emergence of a contracting experience, we let our thoughts lead us into more and more contraction.

Perhaps the simplest guide towards living your joy, purpose, and wisdom is to follow the expansion.

Expansion, meaning that energy in us that wants to expand towards the world and service to others. If we stay very close to our experience and allow the expansion to follow through, we will not go into a spiral of contraction which is led by fear-based decision-making.

We can call expansion joy. Joy is energy that always wants to “go towards”, to share, to connect, and express itself without limits and regardless of future outcomes. Following and trusting expansion to lead the experience in each moment is the easiest way to find purpose, or rather, BE your purpose without the draining need to think, analyze, and search for it.

When do you lead from contraction?
What could happen if you freed yourself from it?

With heart,

Gil·ad (eternal-joy)