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Emptiness isn’t empty, it is undivided.

When we speak about emptiness as the nature of reality or the nature of Self, the mind’s “me” perception is often scared by the idea or has a hard time to understand it.

“I don’t exist?!” “How can it be that I am nothing?!” Is what the mind may ask.

Emptiness doesn’t mean empty.
Nothingness doesn’t mean nothing.

The fact, that emptiness is the nature of reality, doesn’t neglect the individuality or diversity of existing living organisms, and humans in our case. It means to say that even though there is individuality, they are not divided or separated from the whole. They do not have independent existence.

If we ask the question “what exists?” the answer will not be me or I, rather; existence exists.

Through the filter of the mind, existence exists in a multiplicity of diverse forms and organisms. But it is still existence existing, and none of it hints to division or separation of any form.

In the same way that everything in the cosmos shares the same space, everything shares the same existence. It seems like space is divided or separated by walls and buildings yet it all lands itself from one ever-existing, ever-present space. Although it seems like each human being and living organism has independent existence like a space in a room, we all land ourselves from one ever-existing, ever-present being.

Through the lenses of the false perception of self or ego, this may be a fearful idea, perhaps like death. When we dissolve the false perception of self we realize that what appeared as fear or death is just unconditional joy and freedom.

With heart,

Gil·ad (eternal-joy)