“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” 

One of my favorite leadership and business rules is — bring together the most inspiring people you know and give them the freedom to express themselves. 

I just wrapped up a 3-day basketball tournament in San Francisco surrounded by some of the nation’s best talent of players who don’t play basketball for a living:  among them were former pro players, former top D1 college players, and many other very talented and inspiring individuals. 

To ease your anticipation, yeah, my team won the title representing the @Washington Athletic Club. 


When you bring great talent and inspiring individuals in a room together and they have the freedom to express themselves miracles occur. But where such talented individuals fulfill their potential is with deep connections and community. When they are surrounded by a dream team.

Many former athletes never have the chance to be surrounded by elite talent after their sports career. 

And even more of them find themselves in careers that do not allow them the freedom to fully express their talent, passion, and leadership.

What does this do?

For too long in my earlier life, I tried to fit in. I always felt like I was different, an outsider of sorts.

Do you think of this too? 

  • I am too high performing for spiritual people and too spiritual for high performing people.

  • I am too alternative for normal people and too normal for alternative people.

  • I feel like I understand everyone, yet no one understands me.

On some level, I was and still am different. 

I am the only one in my close circle to quit high school. 

I am 1 of 2 professional basketball players in the history of the Israeli league to play for both the first division and the national team after serving in the Special Forces.

I was the only athlete to be on a raw-vegan diet at the time; perhaps ever in the Israeli Basketball League.

And today, I do not know any other professional who combines business development, leadership coaching, and spiritual teaching– all at once.

“It’s weird not to be weird.”

I always felt that I am different, but no one told me that it was okay to be different! By trying to fit in I didn’t surround myself with people who share the same level of talent and inspiration. I gave up my creative self-expression and being true to myself in the process. 

If you don’t see it, create it

How will creating your Dream Team change your life, business, and leadership?

If you don’t surround yourself by inspiring people who live their dreams; you’ll never live your dreams.

If you don’t have teammates who created business they love; you’ll never create a business you LOVE.

If you don’t have a support system of leaders more courageous, confident, and successful than you are; you’ll never be a more courageous, confident, and successful leader than you currently are!

Athletes, as much as leaders and entrepreneurs know that being on the right team with the right coach is the most significant factor to your success.


​​”Part of me suspects that I’m a loser and the other part of me thinks I’m God Almighty… A genius is a form of madness…”

I am fortunate to work with extremely talented people and they often find themselves stuck on “what’s next?”

Because of their immense talent and creativity every professional title, philosophy, or certification feels limiting to them. Well, it is not by chance; it is people who desire to do things that haven’t been done before, so they cannot find their answer anywhere nor see the path ahead; they must create it.

Most people look for answers in the world and apply them to themselves. Leaders find answers in themselves and apply them to the world.

In recent years I have one guiding rule about my social environments — I Create Dream Teams. 

I love bringing inspiring and unique people together who can create miracles just because they share a space. And because of this, I’ve created, The Dream Team for Former Athletes and Entrepreneurs. It’s a powerful community and mastermind where former athletes and entrepreneurs become the world’s most inspiring leaders.

If you could…

  • What Dream Team would you LOVE to create?

  • What Dream Team would you LOVE to be on?

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join…”


With heart,

Gil·ad (eternal-joy)