Artists spend 12 hours a day creating in the studio, using paint and a paintbrush as their medium to express their love. Similarly, entrepreneurs do one thing better than anyone else, they CREATE innovative ideas, and they never stop creating. 

For purposeful and conscious entrepreneurs, business is a creative expression of LOVE. Many of the most influential entrepreneurs have started in the garage and immersed themselves in creating for months, if not years. 

To express your business as a creative expression of love, find what truly brings you joy and freedom and express it creatively in your business. Read the 5 guiding principles to create and grow a business you love to help you do that.

I’ve noticed that when I’m in conversation with people, almost every person has a secret dream idea for a business they love. Whether you already run a business, looking to create another one, or are still in the dream idea stage, the five guiding principles are the most powerful guides I know!

Creative Tenacity Challenge

I want to explore this concept with you. Over the next 30 days, you have one simple task:

Create something every day and share it. Share it with one person on day one, two people on day two, three people on day three, etc. Feel free to share it with me or publicly and include the hashtag #CreativeTenacityChallenge. 

By the end of it, you will have created at least 30 things and shared them with at least 30 people, or way more if you shared them with different people every day!

To make this easier for you to track, I’ve created a 30-day tracker, which you can download here. You can save this to your computer and fill it out digitally or print it out if you prefer handwriting.

What can you create, you ask?

Well, what inspires you? How do you naturally express your love? What gets you so in the zone that you forget to eat or take a bathroom break?

What I’m getting at is: anything that is a creative expression of your love.

There is one simple distinction; if it’s still in your head, you haven’t created it yet. It is created when you get it out of your head. Creating is the activity of taking those creative ideas in your head and giving them form through creative expression.

To spark your imagination, here are ideas that my current clients are creating:

  • Write poetry. Sing. 

  • Dance to your leadership power. 

  • Record videos about ideas you are most passionate about. 

  • Share one idea with one other human being.

  • Hire someone for your business. 

  • Open a new location for your business. 

  • Create a partnership with the Olympic Committee.

  • Ask someone on a date.

  • Spend a full day in nature; every week.

  • Play the piano.

  • Increase your coaching fees to $50K.

  • Increase your consulting fees to $250K.

  • Invite people for an interesting conversation.

  • Illustrate a children’s book.

  • Lead with kindness.

  • Create your healing and recovery.

  • Increase your business to over $300M evaluation.

  • Become recognized as the best employer in your industry.

  • Quit your corporate career and create a business you love.

  • Make a $25K proposal for your public speaking.

  • Create a VC community for former pro athletes.

  • Create your 10-year vision and legacy.

  • Create yourself as the best leader you can be.

And one idea from me — propose to your wife again (yes, on one of our wedding anniversaries, I re-proposed to my wife just to be romantic and different!).

But none of the above is relevant to you. You have your own creative spark, and over the next 30 days, it’s your job to create and share. Create and share. Create and share!

What is your creative expression of love?

Who would you love to share it with?

What would you love to create?

Or, as The Beatles will say…

All you need is love. 

Love is all you need. 

It’s easy.

Create and share your love. It’s easy!

Need more inspiration throughout the month? Read my Five guiding principles for an inspiring creative process.

With heart,

Gil·ad (eternal-joy)