What we are constantly always seeking is the experience of oneness. That moment where our identity part of ourselves ceases to exist, and we are completely immersed in an experience. 

Being in the zone, peak experiences, seeking god, drugs, and creative flow, are all just to help us for a moment to experience what it is like to live without our perceived identity. 

Yet, we do not recognize this experience of oneness, or non-duality, that always seems to be missing is the only experience that is ever-present.

Our entire society has been conditioned for thousands of years to look at ourselves and the world from a dualistic point of view, a subject-object perspective, and therefore discriminating against anything that is not “ME.”

What if we started to see the world without centuries-old conditioning? What would collective oneness look like?

We’re trapped in self-imposed limitations, not seeing the change we want to see in the world, being driven by fear, not taking action, and not living in a world we aspire to. How can we collectively transform this? I leave you with this question for you to explore this week. 

With Heart, 

Gil·ad (eternal-joy)