Think about this — the more you think about yourself, the less confident you feel.

Why is that? Do we forget that humility and devotion are all we need?

God never prohibited women’s rights; manmade religion did. 

God never prohibited gay marriage; manmade religion did.

God never prohibited one’s beliefs; manmade religion did.

God, whatever this word means to you or in whichever other name you call it, never created separation, never planted unwholesome seeds, never created supremacy, never created hatred.

It was mostly created by men, mostly in the name of religion.

God has no favorites, it knows no religion.

God is love, it knows compassion.

God? What do you mean by god?!

I know you may be wondering about this word and my use of it, so let me illuminate its meaning that seems so confusing and often contradicting to many people.

God is the religious term to describe the nature of self, reality, or existence. In non-religious terms, it can be called awareness or consciousness, which I personally favor much more.

My definition of it would be — the ever-present nature shared by all living beings.

As Rupert Spira, one of my favorite non-duality teachers, explains, “Non-duality is the recognition that underlying the multiplicity and diversity of experience there is a single, infinite and indivisible reality, whose nature is pure consciousness, from which all objects and selves derive their apparently independent existence.”

Non-duality, in this case, can be referred to as the non-religious teaching about what God is.

Why did I choose to use the word God above? Because throughout history, many people, especially men, tried to prohibit equal rights in the name of this “God.” It wasn’t done in the name of awareness or consciousness, so I found it important to use it as it is.

Whenever you see me use the word God, it goes synonymously with the words awarenessconsciousness, and knowing. All of them are just a mere name for the ever-present experience shared by all living beings and thus the nature of all living beings.

And if we are ever-present, where do we rush?

If we all share the same nature in our existence, what differences and conflicts do we fight for?

You and God on the other side

On the other side of insecurity, there is immense power.
On the other side of doubt, there is deep knowing.
On the other side of fear, there is pure love.
On the other side of you, there is God.
If you know the prior, you must already BE the latter.
Therefore, what seems to be on the other side is you, and what appears to be you is the other side.

With Heart,

Gil·ad (eternal-joy)