Client Appreciation

Former Pro Athletes, Leaders, and Entrepreneurs
sharing their experience of working with Gilad

“Gilad knows to ask the right questions at the right moment to inspire me to think differently and expand my mindset. He provides me with the platform to step into some things that I have been uncomfortable with while providing the tools that are necessary for my own path and growth. Gilad leads with love; this dude is just pouring out so much love and it’s incredible to be part of it. He has a very unique way to help you build trust within yourself”

Jacob Pacheco
Founder, Prone To Ride, Speaker and Activist
Professional Adaptive Surfer 


One of my biggest challenges for the last 25 years in business has been to describe what I do. I usually launch into titles or certificates I hold; “I am a Massage Therapist and a Hellerwork Structural Integration Practitioner, the founder of Holistic High Performance.”  Or start describing how I do what I do, “I work with the whole person to balance the fascial system and release energetic and emotional blocks so they feel and move better in their bodies.”  None of this has ever felt expansive enough to encapsulate what really happens when client’s work with me.  

Today my coach, Gilad Karni, invited me to have a life changing conversation with him.

He asked me what do you do?

What followed was a lot of words and explanations about the impact I want to have in the world, the people I want to serve, and a lot about “how” I would do that. As we sat in that messy soup, the words I have been searching for the last 25 years started to take shape.

What do I do?

I heal bodies, stories, and societies.
Helping people, families, and communities to heal and be whole.

The words still need some work, but the energetic signature of the statements feels right.

As I aligned to this statement I could feel my body relax and a huge expansion in the right side of my head, as my creative brain started to open to the greater possibilities of my work in the world.

I was truly coming from a place of “Enough” today and could feel how different this state of being is compared to the wanting, needing, struggling, trying to figure it all out, prove myself, if only place I have come from in the past.

25 years of learning, growing, and tending the soil of my dreams and planting seeds.

Today, the seed of my life’s work sprouted.”

Daniel Christofferson
Founder, Holistic High Performance

“Gilad’s heart is so open to that it just allows you to be at ease, to be at ease being yourself and Being whole in the present moment. From our work together I am able to know, gauge, and measure when I’m not functioning from my most optimal self. I am able to communicate who I am and what I stand for better than ever! There is such a shift in your perspective. You start to see clearly from your own eyes, from your real authentic perspective of the world.”

Luis Hernandez
Co-founder and CFO, Lasso-Safe
Former Pro Athlete: 6-time Figure Skater Champion


“I won an Olympic Gold Medal as an athlete. Followed by winning countless competitions, setting new standards and I overcame more life challenges you could even imagine. In my 25 years experience – I’ve never had this one person or Coach like Gilad, who believed in me, more than I believed in myself. This one person, who’d celebrate my extraordinary success and be by my side in the dark times. This one person, who’d support me no matter what, even when I strongly believed, I’ll be just fine on my own. Gilad never stops guiding me gently back to my true self, my inner wisdom, my endless joy for life!

Thank you, Gilad, for your guidance and being there in love & peace, always.

You helped my growth & healing. Unconditionally.”

Nicola Thost
Founder, The Path
Olympic Gold Medal Winner Snowboarder


Daniel Christofferson
Founder, Holistic High Performance

Mark Holmes
Founder, TalentXM
Former Pro Basketball Player

Gertraud Eregger
Executive & Leadership Coach
Global HR Professional 

“Before I made the final decision to work with Gilad I faced a self-doubt that I am not clear about where it would lead me but my gut feeling told me it’s right to do. And because it was a big financial investment for me, I needed some time to think through whether this investment will improve my current life situation. But I can tell you that If you want someone to support you in expressing your inner wisdom and light you should talk to Gilad!”

Sin-Wei Tan
Founder, Tan Consulting


“As an ex-pro athlete, the biggest challenge I had was feeling like I was just going through the motions, working the nine to five, living a life without passion and intent. The passion and energy I once had as an athlete just weren’t there. That lifestyle made me feel kind of like a robot, mindlessly walking through life. It made me feel lost and insignificant. The biggest change since working with Gilad is, on a day-to-day basis, I just really feel like there’s a purpose for everything I do. There’s always an intent, whether it’s my own creations or my personal projects, and even my nine-to-five now has meaning behind it! There’s more excitement, more passion. It started with getting out of my comfort zone, which is something that is not new to me. But the further I got away from professional sports, I got comfortable living a normal life. Whereas basketball was somewhat of a form of expression for me. Gilad helped me learn to get over the fear of expressing my own thoughts. That’s been huge for me. The ability to bring more passion and intent into my life is carried over to other aspects as well. I’m now working for a company that I love. I love what I do! I love the team. And I love the people that I serve. I committed to the creation of my company TALENTXM. It’s a project I’m extremely passionate about. The idea has been there, but it really started with my work with Gilad. He helped me unlock the chambers that were holding all the passion and energy inside of me. And the interesting thing is we all have the answers at the end of the day, but something about Gilad’s approach is that he doesn’t seek to give us those answers. He’s just extremely insightful, very trustworthy, and he’s vulnerable. He allows a space for me to be vulnerable and asks me the right questions. He holds the mirror up to me when maybe I don’t have the courage to do it myself. It’s not always comfortable. But he always gets it and brings me to the answer I knew I had but couldn’t find for myself. When you work with Gilad, you’re gaining a trusted advisor, someone who’s going to support you and also challenge you. And it’s not always going to be comfortable. But when you get through the discomfort, you’ll get to the answers you’re looking for. Before every session with Gilad, I think to myself, “Surely there is no way Gilad can help me come to a new insight or realization as strong as the previous one!” Yet, in every session, Gilad proves me wrong! ”

Mark Holmes

“Before working with Gilad I asked myself, “How can I be happy again?”  Now I ask, “How can I show everyone that happiness is always available?”

Christoph Winterbach
Investigative Reporter at Der Spiegel

“Since working with Gilad, my business had the best period we ever had and I worked less than I ever worked.

Gilad helped me redefine who I need to be and who I want to be both in my business and in my family. We defined what the next chapter of my life is going to be and there’s been significant changes. 

He helped me be very mindful of what those next steps are for me and shine a flashlight on things that I’m not thinking about, blind spots, risks, and challenges. 

During our work together my company had the biggest quarter we’ve ever had as a company, while I actually was working less than I ever did before! We’ve made some amazing hires within our business, we’ve hired very high level positions that change what it is that I do for the business and where it is that my time is best served. Both myself and for my business the work with Gilad has been really beneficial! 

I even spent more time with my family, more time with my kids, and being aware of what’s most important to myself. Beforehand I wouldn’t always take that initiative to do things that are important to me personally. 

I’ve spent a lot of time in my career working with other consultants and professionals in my business, but not really so much just working on myself. It feels good to have that as a priority. 

I like to be challenged. Gilad helped shine the light on my blind spots, he would throw a flag about something I wasn’t thinking while also not just accepting what I am saying but would challenge me to think differently.

His coaching is very insightful. He helps me be a better professional and a family person. To be better tomorrow than I am today.”

Tim McGill
Owner of McGill Restoration, Inc.

“Gilad helped me step into my full potential as a leader who inspires and empowers my team.”

Steve Kapple
Director of Marketing and Merchandising