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Hi and welcome to my writing canvas,

Do you want to see a world where businesses act in alignment with the understanding of our shared indivisible nature?

Where work is an expression of love, completely free of stress and hierarchy?

Do you want to see a world where leaders, countries, and authorities do not use fear mechanisms to motivate action but a loving and kind approach?

Or, perhaps no authorities at all?

Do you want to see an economy that lives and breathes as one healthy organism? 

Who are we cheating by running an economy that abuses people, the environment, and ourselves for gaining resources?

Do you want to see humanity that doesn’t fight each other for existence anymore (why are we trying to fight for something that is ever-present?).

Don’t humans exist without race? So why do we need races?

Doesn’t planet earth exist with countries? So why do we need countries?

Does God exist without religion? So why do we need religions?

These are the types of systems and centuries-old conditioning I question too. I have no fundamental problem with any of them, only with the divisive paradigm they hold toward one another.

I want us to recognize one “another” as one, not “another one” from another made-up notion that continues to separate us such as races, religions, and countries.

I see myself as a growing teacher, leader, and activist around some of these pressing issues in humanity. Writing and being an author is one of my creative ways of expressing it. And, as you’ll hear me say from time to time, business is my creative expression of love!

If you are curious about what inspires my writings on here, these are the reasons:

  1. To provide you with a great reading experience.
  2. To allow access to all the content in one place without browsing through emails.
  3. To create space for educational and intentional interactions.

Different from social media where we all scroll half unconsciously (at best!) this is a space to be present with the text, allow it to sink in, and engage. Here is a space to be present and have access to not only the author (me) but other like-minded people in the community. I invite you to comment, ask questions, share your ideas, and say how you see things similarly or completely different than me. I’ll reply intentionally to each of your messages.

More so, I know that just like you, there are many fascinating people in my community and you’ll get to hear their wisdom as well.  

And you may be wondering “What will I be reading about?”

I am very grateful to all of you: new readers, not new readers, people that have been here since the beginning. 

You’ll read about your limitless nature and potential as the leader of your life & business and how to awaken more and more of that limitlessness of yourself. Do you want to learn to create success, joy, and freedom in the present moment? Do you want to transcend the limitations of the mind? Do you want to grow a business you LOVE? You are in the right place! This is your guide to living with no limits or conditions of self, leadership, business, and world. 

You’ll often read about the following topics:

  • The majestical thing called the human experience.

  • The indivisible and unseparated nature of reality.

  • The process of creation and creative expression.

  • Leadership, visions, entrepreneurship, creating your dream life. 

  • Spirituality. 

  • Social justice.

  • Nondual understanding.

  • And even biology, physiology, psychology. 

And yeah, a lot of philosophy.

My writing process is creative and fluid and sometimes I even put all of these in poetry form.

In between, I will ask you questions, some of which will make you think deeply. Like this one:

What drives the need of human beings to claim the ongoing-unchosen thought chatter as “my thoughts”?

“Gilad is a vessel for joy, spirituality, and connection,” a dear friend and colleague recently shared with me. And so when I write, these topics are what come through the vessel when I don’t interrupt the process. 

You’ll find that most of my writings, somehow, shine a light on one precise understanding of the nature of ourselves, the world, and reality itself which happens to be something most human beings try to illuminate. Perhaps we can refer to it as Illumination by Gilad Karni. 

But only perhaps, because we can never determine reality or truth by words because everything we can name is an appearance and all appearances are illusory.

Why is that? What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments. 

I believe that all teachings should provide a sense of freedom and I promise you that I will provide that throughout my writing.

As I said, words cannot convey absolute truth or reality but think of my words as the villain in your dreams; it is not real, yet it awakens you from the dream.

In my writings, I aim to convey timeless understanding and truths regarding oneself, humanity, the world, and reality (all are just different names to help the human brain understand What Is) and guide our “modern” practices of business and leadership into alignment with them.

Each word is written for you as a guide to your limitless nature, the ultimate joy and freedom of your existence, the unconditional love you are made of, your successful state of being, the business you love, and the leader you are meant to be!

I think philosophically and ethically and a night of solitude contemplation about the nature of reality, consciousness, or the universe is enjoyable and part of my daily life. Perhaps you relate. 

And now you’re thinking. “Where else can I find your work?”

I’m currently growing my body of work as a writer. I contributed a chapter as a co-author in the book Winner’s Mindset and I am in the process of writing my own book.

But writing is just a small portion of my work. 

What’s the bigger part? Applying these writings in all aspects of life, leadership, and business. Which is all just one aspect of our living experience.

“A master in the art of living draws no sharp distinction between his work and his play; his labor and his leisure; his mind and his body; his education and his recreation. He hardly knows which is which. He simply pursues his vision of excellence through whatever he is doing, and leaves others to determine whether he is working or playing. To himself, he always appears to be doing both.” ― L.P. Jacks

So even though it can seem like a lot of different things that I write about, it is not a lot and they are not different at all. It would be right to differentiate if I would only leave these texts as a contemplative author but my entire life follows the words I write. 

I believe that the world where business operations are separated from understanding our true nature needs to be over. And the world where money and power are the superior-to-all motives is way overdue as a status. 

I want to see each person living their life knowing that Success is a State of Being, completely free from the illusory pursuit to achieve it at a time or location other than the present moment. Not only it cannot be achieved, but the experience we call success is derived only from that limitless ever-present nature of ourselves. It cannot and never will be found elsewhere.

And I want to see our humanity no longer motivated by fear of oneself or one another but by the shared nature of our existence– unconditional love, eternal joy, and absolute freedom.

So I am writing about all of these and dedicate my life-work (I see no distinction between them) to the implementation of these to help create alignment between seemingly different phenomena, but it is our perceptions of it as “different” that cause a lot of the fear, doubts, dissatisfaction, and division in people and the world.

Our entire blueprint of humanity needs to be realigned with the simple understanding— the nature of existence is empty of an individual and it is only from the illusory sense of being an individual that all challenges, conflict, fear, and division arise. 

The illusory “me” that seeks to take ownership over experiences, events, people, land, materials, thoughts, emotions, etc is the cause of every single problem we face.

Enjoy my writings. If you are interested in experiencing more, see below how I work with people.

Did you leave with inspiration, question, idea, insight, challenge, or even a compliment? Please share it in the comments!


With heart,

Gil·ad (eternal-joy)