We put so much effort trying to understand our existence or our being. But to whom is it important to understand this existence? And why?

​The mind desires to know the future yet lives in uncertainty by the desire to know. It seeks to derive meaning of experiences, thinking that the commentary on experience is more meaningful than experience itself. The mind always seeking the next experience while constantly commenting on experiences that are no longer present.

By doing so, how would it ever experience anything beyond it’s own commentary?


If the nature of the “me” is to seek, the nature of being is, well, being. Being cannot be found by seeking or created by commentary. Watching the news isn’t experiencing the events, only the commentary about them. Commentary on experiences isn’t experiencing the meaning of them, only the thoughts about the meaning of them.

Being is beyond seeking and meaning is beyond commentary. Living or being is an inherent gift in which there is nothing we need to do for it to occur. To think that we need to add commentary in order to find meaning is another thought about experience that is no longer present.


Freedom is not in becoming but in being.
Being is a gift that requires no meaning.


With heart,

Gil·ad (eternal-joy)