“You are ever-present. You have never not been present.
The only experience we know is being present, being in the zone.”

Being ever-present or eternal doesn’t mean forever lasting in time. It indicates that it’s not bound in time. The ever-presentness of our being didn’t come before or after anything; being present is its only experience. We often take extreme measures to be more present, causing us to overlook our true nature or True Self.


In the sports world, we use the term being in the zone. Yet, being is always in the zone! It just seems like we get in and out of that ‘state’ through the ‘me’ perception.

You cannot be in or out of the zone. Being in the zone is the ever-present experience of our nature. But sometimes, a character called ‘me’ appears, and something disappears. However, you can never recognize this ‘state’ at the moment of experience.

Why? Because, at that moment, you do not experience reality through the ‘me’ perception, and thus there is no self to recognize it. When the ‘me’ perception appears again, you say,


“Oh wow! I was in the zone. It’s like I wasn’t even here!”


Trying to be in the zone or trying to be present is the ‘me’ seeking its own absence. It’s an entangled loop because the ‘me’ cannot recognize its own absence, of course! Who would recognize it?

Being is always in the zone. At times it seems veiled by the illusory sense of self, but the True Self is only unconditionally present. Being in the zone is the True Self.

If you no loger need to invest energy to try to be present or in the zone, where would you invest it instead?


With heart,

Gil·ad (eternal-joy)