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The human mind operates like the news; most of its activity is just an added commentary on reality that often completely misinterprets this reality or, at best, just doesn’t add any value to it.

I find it very hard to understand what value watching the hate, conflict, and crime for hours each week adds to our life. 

Many people would say, “it is important to be aware.” I agree, and if it’s so important, why don’t we spend at least the same amount of time watching the beauty, kindness, and compassion of the world? Even more important, what if the time we spend watching we invest in participating?

Why is it more important to be aware of hate than love? Well, it’s definitely not, but unfortunately, conflict, hate, and separation are the news channels’ business plans. 

This is how their power and influence get generated – they don’t have any other products. The commentary we watch on the news represents such a tiny portion of world events, yet it’s being talked about in a completely disproportionate way. There are WAY more noble acts in the world than hate, yet the news represents it in the opposite way. It’s not the news channels’ problem, they are not the problem. They, as much as each of us, are part of the false paradigm we built our world around.

There Are Two Choices for Living: Love or Fear

We face the choice between love and fear at every moment, with every thought, word, and action. 

Love is the energy of expansion. Fear is the energy of contraction. 

Every act in the world is either an act of love or a call for love. Can you choose love at every moment? Can you see every “wrong” moment as a call for love? Each of your thoughts, words, and actions is either based on fear or love. They will either expand or contract you.

Fear is the only mechanism that restricts freedom, but freedom is what we all inherently desire. It is okay to feel fear, you are a human being, but you have a choice about your next thought, word, and action at that very moment. 

Now back to this false paradigm we built our world around that uses fear, competition, separation, hate, conflict, and hierarchy to motivate action — can you see how we can shift this paradigm just by choosing love at every moment; with every thought word and action?

With heart,

Gil·ad (eternal-joy)