You do not have awareness, you are awareness. There is just awareness and no one is having it. Awareness is the ever-present experience we call ‘being myself’. The answer to ‘who is aware?’ is not ‘me’, but ‘awareness’. Awareness is being aware like the sun is self-luminous. There is no individual component in it to ‘have’ it.



In the world of experts, we are used to asking questions and receiving answers.

Seeking for answers is dependency; the mind desires to know the future yet lives in uncertainty by its desire to know. Seeking, whatever it may be, is a dependency because it’s the mind’s effort to complete itself in the future, unrealizing its ever-present fulfilled nature. 

The transformational coaching and self-inquiry process reverses the process.

The professional is the one asking the questions and through this process, the client realizes their own answers and activates their own truths. It is amazing to watch that magic happens so effortlessly when you provide a sacred space for people to explore their true nature.

It’s a very unique way to help people build trust within themselves and why it’s my chosen path as a professional. During this sacred and creative process, the answers arise not from the intellect or accumulation of past information but the surfacing of inner wisdom, truth, or recognition that was unrealized before due to the veiling of the mind.

This is how it looks in real-time. Below is a recent session with one of my clients.

C (Client): What I wasn’t looking for at all was the spiritual component. And now I’m all interested in that. I think that a lot of the “solution” probably lies there. Can you teach me more about it? I think it will be very valuable for me moving forward.

G (Gilad): I find a more interesting question is, why spirituality? Not “what is spirituality.” That would be a generic concept. Why spirituality? What would be your answer to it? 

While “what is spirituality?” can be an interesting conversation, yet not too helpful. “Why spirituality?” invites a richer conversation that is more personal to you.

C: Why spirituality? Because humans are wired in a way that we constantly want to know and feel more. Where we’re coming from and where we’re about to go. The mind can’t wrap its head around that. So you need another source of input. 

G: So what did you experience from being introduced to spirituality?

C: It’s about the capacity to change yourself and your life every day in every moment. If you’re not content or happy about something, there’s a choice that you have to make to change things and reinvent yourself and you don’t have to sell everything you own and go move somewhere else to start a new life but you can actually just sit at the same spot again and just restart and reboot, like my laptop.

G: We often ask each other “who are you?” or “what do you do?”  And we answer with, I am this person, I am this age, this is my job and I’m a father and a husband. 

But these are all descriptions of things and obligations that at times are present and other times not. It is not our true nature, we need to recognize what is always present– for the continuous experience of ‘being myself’, something always has to be present. Otherwise, you will not have a continuous experience of ‘being myself’. So when we go there, what do we find? What is this your always present ‘being myself’ experience?

C: That very simple term ‘awareness,’ — there’s no description about it. And there’s no condition to it. This is just about existence and it doesn’t tell you anything else.

Practice at home: Take quiet time for contemplative thinking and inquire with yourself about the following question:

  • Who is the ME that wants to possess thoughts, sensations, perceptions, and beliefs as MINE?

Let those wheels turn. You’d recognize that thoughts, sensations, perceptions, and beliefs arise but try to recognize who is the ME that calims ownership of them. Is the thought ME different than any other thought that is appearing and disappearing?

The realization of awareness as the ongoing experience of ‘being myself’ and the recognition of it as unconditional, just existing, is the dissolution of the mind’s false sense of self as an individual “me.” As this dissolves, the mind’s limitations around itself fall away. Being myself is no longer attached to thoughts, perceptions, and sensations, and beliefs; it is simply the always present experience of being awareness. Without the veiling of the mind, there is just unconditional wholeness, freedom, and happiness.

Who would you be if you no longer seek happiness rather recognize, ‘I am happiness’?

Interested in a guided process to realize your true nature?

I am now offering guidance to support your spiritual journey and realize that ‘being myself’ is synonymous with ‘ever-present awareness’ and that you are beyond the limitations of the mind.

We will share more details later this month but for now, you can reach out to me over email if you are curious to learn more.

With heart,

Gil·ad (eternal-joy)