Success is a state of being

The Self cannot be described by stories about the past or vision of the future, it is ever-present. I will not highlight accomplishments and certifications on this website, and I have no lineage. In fact, just like some of the most influential leaders, teachers, and professionals in history who dropped out of the traditional systems, and self-guided their path and learnings, I did so as well. 

When my peers to a Mindfulness Teaching Program said, “we feel incompetent to teach before receiving the teaching certificate,” I replied, “Buddha never had a teaching certificate.” When my teacher said in response “Well, but Buddha had enlightenment!” I replied, “We are all already enlightened. How do you know you are not?”

The mind creates limits around everything; from not being enlightened enough, to happy enough, or successful enough. There isn’t any human being on this planet who can truthfully declare “I am not enlightened” or “I am not already wholesome and free.” We can spend a lifetime seeking enlightenment, leadership, courage, a business we love or whatever it is that the mind says— the mind always seeking to fulfill itself in the future because it thinks it is unfulfilled in the present. But your True Self is beyond any limitations, regardless of the veiling of the mind. Wholesomeness, happiness, and freedom are already present and unconditional. Right now. Enlightenment, like leadership, is a choice not a requirement. Being wholesome, happy, and free is not a path, but the revelation, “I already am.”

Success, just like love, was never meant to be conditioned. Love doesn’t need a reason, and success doesn’t need an object. My guidance will support you to consciously engage in deep, meaningful, and purposeful work your True Self is here to do, BUT it will no longer be the means by which you seek joy, peace, freedom, and success. Rather, the natural fullest expression of your True Self.

The diverse and incredible human beings I am fortunate to guide every day and find myself in awe of the trust they put in the process, would better describe their experience of “me” than I would describe myself. The “me” can describe itself only by limits, and no description can truthfully speak of the True Self.

Here are a few other details people find most interesting about the story of my past:

I was a professional basketball player for ten years and the captain of my national team (Israel). Before becoming a pro athlete, I served as an Operative in the Israeli Special Forces.

I grew up in Israel at times when daily terror attacks were providing our families and us a great reason to think every morning, “Today, our kids may not make it back home from school.”

A few years after my military service, I came to the understanding that compassion and kindness would solve this, and any other conflict, much better than military power, and I was very angry that we had been led to believe in fighting one another for our existence for so long.

I used to close my heart, and I thought I would punish other people by doing that. Vulnerability seemed like a nightmare, so I developed very sophisticated mechanisms to avoid it. I thought I was so smart every time I managed to do that. I used not to trust myself, others, and life after spending three decades in high-performing and highly competitive environments like basketball and the military. But back then, it was more comfortable to say “I am strong” than to admit the lack of trust.

On that journey came the recognition of the True Self, or more accurately, that there is no self. The sense of self or “me” we all have is false and illusory. It is a collection of thoughts and conditions that the mind identifies with in order to exist. “Me” is just a thought like any other thought that appears and disappears.

As that false sense of self dissolved, what emerged was immense energy, passion, and compassion for serving. That followed into what you see here as my work of guiding individuals like you and organizations to realize the True Self, recognize the source of joy, peace, and freedom and create non-dual leadership and business environments in service to humanity. We must dissolve the false perspective the mind holds about itself and the world as it doesn’t only affect the individual, it affects how you show up as a leader, how we run businesses, and our society as a whole, and we are all responsible for engaging in a more humane way!

That is the most important understanding, not only to help you dissolve the mind’s limitations with its doubt, fear, insecurities, and sense of lacking, but also to end all faces of division, separation, and conflict in the world.

I am guiding, coaching, and teaching individuals and organizations to dissolve all the limitations they built around themselves, and our society to dissolve all divisions we built within ourselves. 

Borders around our hearts are not means for personal inner peace, and freedom, and borders around our countries are not means for collective peace and freedom; they are the exact opposite of it. Our responsibility is to dissolve all the borders arising from the mind’s false sense of self and all its faces of division, separation, and conflict.

About My Community

For many years I felt like a misfit and an outsider in many communities. I often felt like I am too spiritual in the high-performing environments and too high performer in the spiritual communities. Through this journey, which also included hardships and challenging transitions, I was inspired to create a business with a community of deep thinkers, conscious leaders, former pro athletes, and entrepreneurs that care for collective transformation and often feel like outsiders in other spaces. Are you spiritual AND driven? Do you care about growth AND healing, business AND spirituality, leadership AND compassion? Welcome home.

It is based around these five pillars to create sacred and powerful communities:

  1. Leadership that transcends positional power and provides an environment for everyone to grow to their fullest potential
  2. Self-realization as a path beyond fear, self-doubt, and judgment
  3. Seeing business as a service to humanity and a creative expression of love
  4. Space to be vulnerable, messy, and imperfect
  5. Deep spiritual connection, beyond the superficial and transactional nature of many business relationships

I am based in Seattle, WA, and work globally, both in person and remotely.